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Our Client sponsor was the newly appointed CIDO who had just taken up the permanent role. His newly inherited department had undergone significant organisational restructure and there was a need to have a wholesale review of all matters relating to Information Security.


There was a need to over recruit, so the focus was on CISO level candidates. Equally, we were aware there was a lot to do in this role and it required someone who could absorb and evaluate what was working well and, at the same time, develop a blueprint for a permanent role going forward. The sector background was not important; the requirement was for someone who could balance some very hands on, pragmatic delivery with an ability to pull together a strategy for the board to review on long term measures. The demand for CISOs at the time was key – the shortage of professionals in this space meant it was challenging to match required expertise with a sensible budget.


We identified a CISO who had stepped out of a senior role within Media. The individual had previously worked across a broader range of industry sectors, including the NHS. He was able to bring a wealth of experience and know how to the role but with an understanding of how to operate in an environment with heavy governance and greater levels of public scrutiny/accountability. Following the appointment of the interim CISO role (c. 8 months), we worked with the incumbent and the CIDO to run a full search to identify a permanent CISO. This ensured there was a seamless handover from the interim and appointed permanent person.

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