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McLean was appointed to help a UK listed asset manager strengthen its sustainable investing proposition to the UK retail market. At the same time we were also engaged to expand and diversify its multi-asset product offering to capture the growing lower fee active/passive market.
Both these projects were strategically important for our client to maintain its competitive advantage in both markets.


As part of an annualised advisory agreement, we were mandated to appoint a Head of Responsible Investing and a Multi-Asset Fund Manager, both with excellent track records in their respective markets. Our five strong asset management team conducted these projects and consulted directly with the CEO and CIO. Our advisory fee model allows clients to retain us over a 12 month period with controlled fix fee recruitment costs deducted from the smaller advisory fee. This model is particularly useful to clients who benefit from and value our advice and who envisage demand for a small number of projects.


We successfully appointed a Head of Responsible Investing with an excellent track record within sustainable investing both as an ex-investor and working with multiple asset class fund managers on best practice and implementation. This person hired is an all-rounder and an excellent cultural fit with a proactive lead from the front mentality. All these attributes are especially important in a fast growing sustainable market where differentiating between PR noise and a natural belief for sustainability can be two very different things.

We were also successful in appointing a market leading Multi Asset Fund Manager with a commercially successful five year plus track record running diversified multi asset strategies including sustainability funds. This individual was also an excellent cultural fit for a business suited to the more entrepreneurial mindset. Their understanding of passive implementation strategies to lower end user costs as well as their technical expertise in investment markets will be a tremendous influence both within the team and with future product launches.

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