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Case Studies | Interim – Programme Management Team x4


The McLean Partnership were mandated to find a team to work on a significant regeneration project. The team needed to gel with the internal leadership and key project sponsors as well as interact heavily with external consultants. The requirement was for an overall Programme Director and three Programme Managers.


The assignment was run as one total project with McLean left to make the judgement on how the dynamics would work best within the pool of individuals identified. There were some very specialist skills required; communications/PR, stakeholder engagement and experience in environments with heavy governance and regulation. The regeneration market is challenging and we looked in adjacent environments to draw expertise from large infrastructure type projects; rail, airports and energy. We also looked at candidates that were not seasoned interims, we looked at individuals stepping out of permanent employment and interested in exploring a new project for a shorter period of time.


A Programme Director was quickly identified, who was ex-Big 4 but also experienced in a number of sizeable client side roles in complex public/private sector. Working closely with this individual, we helped recruit the other team members resulting in a successful team of 3 deployed on an 18 month programme of works.


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