9th July 2024

How to Avoid a Car Crash Interview – For Both Sides

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4th July 2024

Global Competition for Talent – Opportunities for UK Universities and Research Institutions

While there has been no shortage of comment over recent months on the unprecedented challenges facing UK universities and research institutions, particularly regarding financial sustainability, there have been some recent signs that optimism is returning to the sector, and we see real opportunities for institutions to capitalise on this change in sentiment to attract and...

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A barren tree right leaning in a sandy desert.

29th January 2024

Corporates can outpace the politics on DEI

…but only by holding focus on the long-term.DEI has become a lightning rod for America’s disagreements over what constitutes progress. UK corporates can lead by example if they accept that success will require careful organisational change rather than just funding and the desire to do the right thing.The US was the birthplace of the modern push for diversity, equity...

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24th January 2024

Delivering growth in 2024

2023 was a challenging and uncertain year for UK businesses. High levels of inflation, stubborn energy prices, high interest rates and forecasts of a contracting economy all created investment caution. An inflation rate of around 9% created a gloomy start. Consensus forecasts of the economy contracting by ¾% added to the supply chain problems resulting from the war in...

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Photo of house model, clipboard, saving money in a vase putting together on white table. Planning for buying a house concept

18th October 2023

For Real Assets investors, agility can make the difference amid scarcity of opportunities

You can have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to real estate investing.Global private equity dry powder, which includes real estate funds, soared to a record $2.49 trillion by mid-2023, an 11% increase compared to six months earlier, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence and Preqin data.Investors are clearly struggling to deploy the funds they’ve...

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