14th March 2022

Improving diversity hiring outcomes in Financial Services

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20th July 2021

Universities join the swelling ranks of institutions looking to land as a catalyst for change

A growing number of British institutions are repurposing land for an economy reshaped by the pandemic Universities in particular are now embarking on projects on an unprecedented scale, sparking demand from skills from non-traditional pools of talent.It’s easy to see why John Lewis’s foray into the private rented sector generated a big splash in the newspapers over the...

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6th August 2021

The rise of sustainable investing and the new war for talent

The pandemic has accelerated the pace at which money is flowing towards sustainable investments and created a clamour for talent and experience unlike anything we’ve seen since the early 2000s.What was once a matter for debate is now settled: the pandemic has accelerated rather than dampened the pace at which money has flowed towards sustainable investing.Some €52 billion...

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17th September 2021

“Beyond the Usual Suspects”: Executive recruitment and the ongoing Diversity challenge

Results on diverse appointments have been slow in coming in both the private and public sectors. McLean Partnership Senior Partner Jonathan Swain explains why he’s optimistic new targets on diverse hiring will be met, but only if organisations and recruiters employ new methods to get beyond the usual suspects.Of all the ways to summarise the lack of progress UK business has...

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6th October 2021

The changing role of Non-Executives in Private Equity

Within McLean’s Private Equity practice, we have witnessed the growing demand for Non-Executives who can additionally operate as a more hands on adviser, or ‘second CEO’ within portfolio businesses. The pandemic has further accelerated this trend and shown how critical these Non-Executive hybrids are as the board role has evolved.The changing role of a NED in private...

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