How we work with you

Equity, Diversity and  inclusion (EDI) isn’t about ticking boxes or being politically correct. It’s about building an inclusive culture that builds enduring relationships with key stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Effective EDI seeks to engage with staff, management and other stakeholders holistically, this allows for better representation where individuals can bring their true self to the workplace. 


Organisations have the opportunity to be a step ahead of what is prescribed legislatively and to go beyond legal compliance.

Our approach to EDI involves data-rich auditing and being evidence-led in our work, this information is what supports change at all levels. It is also how we will work with you to support your EDI journey regardless of what stage you are at.

Get best practice insights from different sectors

Our consultants have experiences across a range of sectors; the public, private and not-for-profit. It is these experiences that allows us to bring the diversity of thought, range of best practices and information that can be utilised when delivering for you. It is these expertise and experiences we bring to our work with you as a collaborative and trusted advisor.





How we can help you

We can develop your EDI strategy

We can support your EDI learning & development

We can build inclusive talent strategies

We can review your culture and EDI progress

We can develop key EDI metrics

Work with your EDI committees and/or employee networks

Bespoke projects

  • We can develop your EDI strategy.
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  • We can support yoye EDI leatning and development


Our EDI Ethos and Way of working

13th September 2021

At McLean we demonstrate our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion by our actions and outcomes rather than a box-ticking exercise. All our consultants keep up to date on…

Elizabeth Oni-Iyiola

Partner for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion