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Sustainable Equity Investment Team

Mandated by a UK Listed Asset Manager to secure a best in class Sustainable Equities Investment Team. Searching in this highly competitive and yet comparatively immature investment sector is a challenge.  There are very few teams with a long term track record and the investment community is increasingly hungry to add these skills to their investment offerings.  Representing one of the most highly regarded investment boutiques based in the UK, McLean executed a global search to find the very best talent to join the firm.  The successful team in question had been approached over thirty times in the past two years by competing organisations, rejecting all previous advances.  McLean were able, in partnership with our client, to present a compelling proposition to this long standing sustainable investment team.

Outcome:  The team joined our client in the Autumn of 2021.  A new office has been opened in continental Europe to help provide the right local home for the team and advance our client’s plans to expand market share outside of the UK.

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