UK Listed Investment Bank – £155.2 million in revenue

We were mandated by the Co-CEOs to work on a bespoke project.

The project involved the development of a mentoring programme that can be rolled out across the organisation, but most importantly one that can be sustained for a long period of time.

In partnership with key stakeholders, we were able to create a 360 mentoring programme that can be rolled out across the organisations. We were involved in the creation of the mentoring matching process application, ensuring it is simple to recruit as many mentors and mentees across all levels of the organisation. We also created a mentoring guidebook to support the mentors and mentees throughout their 12month mentoring relationship. This guidebook gives detailed step-by-step and support on what to cover at each meeting and suggested meeting points over the 12m period. This was further supported by a mentor-specific training to prepare them to go into the mentoring relationship with confidence.

We worked with our client to launch the mentoring programme at their office over an informal evening with a panel of internal colleagues who have signed up to be mentors. This was an opportunity for the mentors and mentees to meet initially in an informal setting and to create confidence in both the mentors and mentees to start and carry on the relationship.

The outcome was an oversubscribed mentoring programme where each mentor had one mentee over a 12m period and the mentees will later go on to be trained to mentor those in colleagues and universities. Creating a 360 and sustainable mentoring programme.

On a separate project, we worked with the client to review key EDI policies to support inclusion and embedding EDI in the organisation, this was followed by a benchmarking activity on key policy initiatives. The aim is to ensure they the policies are accessible to staff members and the organisation is providing inclusive policies that works for as many people as possible.

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