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26th May 2023

Neuro-inclusivity throughout employee lifecycle webinar

Around 20% of the global adult population is neurodivergent, meaning they have a neurodiversity such as ADHD, Autism, or dyslexia. Approximately 1 in 7 people in the workforce may be neurodivergent – more than 15% of the UK population, but only 1 in 10 organisations say they consider neurodiversity in their people management practices.To be truly neuro-inclusive in the...

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22nd May 2023

The secrets to a transformative interim hire – expert view

Nick Hart joined the McLean Partnership in April to head up our Interim & Consulting business. He’s got more than fifteen years’ experience appointing critical executive interim leadership roles to organisations undergoing turnaround, transformation, and growth. Here, we ask him to explain how the service works, why successful organisations rely on interim hires, and what makes the McLean offer so different.

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22nd February 2023

Times are tough, but cutting DEI staff will come at a greater cost in the long run

Evidence is building that companies are rowing back on DEI pledges amid a squeeze on revenue. That will have far-reaching implications when economic conditions brighten.Companies have made big promises on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) since the murder of George Floyd almost three years ago.US companies pledged nearly $340 billion to help address “broader systemic...

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10th January 2023

We need fresh leaders if the UK is to become a “science superpower”

Fresh funding will renew the hunt for talented individuals, but assessing which leaders are right for innovative organisations isn’t always as simple as it seems.

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13th July 2022


OverviewThis engaging webinar will be revealing insights on who is making progress on EDI at leadership level across different sectors. The key initiatives and programmes organisations are implementing to becoming a more diverse leadership team. Understanding how other organisations are performing when it comes to EDI will give you the opportunity to benchmark where you are at...

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22nd June 2022

Meeting new regulations for diversity and inclusion : a five-point guide

New rules requiring disclosures from listed companies on gender and ethnic diversity at board and executive management level require a new approach.Many City firms are still digesting new FCA rules requiring more granular disclosures on gender and ethnic diversity in senior positions. Complying will in many cases require more rigour in both external recruiting and internal...

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16th June 2022

Rising cyber security threats are creating a perfect storm of demand for talent

We exist in a connected world, one faced with the daily challenge of protecting itself and its information from attack. The need for greater InfoSec and Cyber Security in businesses has created a very active market, where attracting and appointing talent is ever-more difficult.In this digital age, a world facilitated and run by technology, applications, and the information...

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14th March 2022

Improving diversity hiring outcomes in Financial Services

Diversity in financial services is being held back by outdated hiring methodsGender equality is moving in the right direction at UK investment banks and asset managers, it’s just happening at a slower rate than it should be.Gender pay gap data, though imperfect, is a useful barometer for progress. Women working at UK investment banks earn about 56% of their male...

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20th January 2022

Back to the office: changing working habits and their impact on productivity

In the post-pandemic corporate hierarchy of needs, consistency sits at the top.Last year’s government directive to “work from home if you can” heralded a softer touch than the previous year’s “everyone must work from home unless they are unable to do so”. Business leaders took note.Large corporates across financial services didn’t close their...

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15th November 2021

Emerging opportunities from the shifting powers of the US and China.

Economic tensions between the US and China didn’t begin with Donald Trump, and they won’t end with Joe Biden. A renewed urgency by both sides to gain technological independence from the other, whether via supply chains or intellectual property, provides opportunities for companies and executive candidates alike – particularly in Europe.Donald Trump was tough on Chinese...

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