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13th July 2022

Accelerating Diversity and Inclusion at Leadership level

We are hosting the first in a series of webinar on equality, diversity and inclusion. The webinars will be focusing on different topics to support individuals with an interest  in, or responsibility for EDI in their organisation to gain a better understanding of key concepts and to support long-term change.  The first webinar will be focusing on how to 'Accelerate Diversity and Inclusion at Leadership Level'.


This engaging webinar will be revealing insights on who is making progress on EDI at leadership level across different sectors. The key initiatives and programmes organisations are implementing to becoming a more diverse leadership team. Understanding how other organisations are performing when it comes to EDI will give you the opportunity to benchmark where you are at currently. This insight can signal new ways of approaching EDI and how to ensure you are taking the necessary steps to make your organisation more diverse and inclusive. We will end the webinar with Q&A giving you the opportunity to ask questions that are important to you.

Equality, Diversity, and inclusion is often segmented into three camps, the moral case, the business case, and the legal case, but what do you do if you have already reconciled what this means to you as an organisation. You have taken steps to ensure that your key stakeholders are aware of your intentions around EDI, you have lots of ideas and someone responsible for EDI; but progress seems slow and you’re simply undecided about next steps. This webinar will help to answer some of those questions by showing you:

  • Sector comparisons and insights on EDI to see examples of what is working for our clients and other organisations
  • Data-driven EDI metrics
  • Reporting on your progress
  • And what your next steps can be
Date: 20th September 2022
Time: 10am - 11am

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